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PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works” is a part of economic base of town and one of the largest employers and tax payers in Mariupol. Social policy of the company is aimed at improvement of its operation efficiency and social security of its workers as well as at personnel stability maintenance.

 The following long-term and short-term social programs make a significant part of a corporate strategy of the company:

  •  “Veteran” (various types of support for the Great Patriotic War participants, handicapped persons, retired employees);
  • “Youth” (employment of students graduating from vocational schools, technical schools, colleges and universities);
  •  “Working conditions” (creating of comfort working and life conditions for personnel);
  •   Corporate life and health insurance programs.

 The enterprise makes considerable investments into the city’s infrastructure development including reparation of ways and land improvement, renders sponsorship to schools and hospitals of the city developing the concepts of business social responsibility.

 PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works” has repeatedly become the winner of such national competitions as “The Best Employer”, “Gold Fortune”, “Conscientious Tax Payer”.

 Young people employment is one of priorities in social policy of the company. Innovation and education program for specialized education of young specialists is successfully realized in association with Priazovskiy State Technical University on request of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works” “Ilyichevskaya perspective”. The professional level of young workers is effectively increased due to professional workmanship contests, participation in international scientific and technical conferences, probations, exchange of experience, etc.

 Up-to-date approaches of the company to personnel training and retraining including CEO and managers are aimed at disclosure of creative potential, use of capabilities of each company’s employee. With that end in view corporate program “Young Leaders of “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works” was realized which allows to determine the most promising young specialists, innovation implementation initiators. The most active participants of the project were assigned to executive positions in organization departments and included in personnel reserve.                

 Introducing new standards of industrial culture, the company adheres to the concept of General management quality implementing it in all areas of activity.

A series of social organizations functions at the works whose purpose is solution of problems of certain categories of workers, i.e. youth, veterans, women, handicapped persons, etc.

 For the past few years specialized working places have been created at the works for employment of disabled persons with the purpose of guarantee of social security for this category of population.