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In the complement of PJSC ""PJSC "Ilyich Iron and Steel Works" enter four basic production complexes: Сhemical and metallurgical production, Sinter and blast- furnace, steel-smelting, PLAte rolling complexes.

Сhemical and metallurgical production

At the Chemico-Metallurgical Factory of PJSC «Ilyich Iron and Steel Works» the following production departments were made: welding rods of grades МР-3, АNО-4, UONI-13/45 and UONI 13/55, ceramic fluxes, powder wire for the treatment of metallurgical melts, secondary zinc production from the wastes after hot strip galvanizing in Cold Rolling Shop, copper packages, water-dispersion acrylic paint and priming, lime paste, enamel PF-115; priming GF-021, welding steel rod,  low carbon rod of general duty, surfacing wire, heat-resistant weather-proof limewash.

Sinter and blast- furnace complex

The Sinter Plant of the Works is the biggest in  Europe. The production capacity of twelve sinter machines with the total area of sintering 85 m2 each  fully provides with the finished  row materials the  Blast Furnace Shop of  the Works and also  allows to  sell the products to the  other steel enterprises.

Blast Furnace Shop

The Blast Furnace Shop includes 5 furnaces with the total capacity  8635 м3, four casting machines and the department for hot metal desulphurization in ladles. Produced steelmaking iron is sent to the steelmaking shops and is partially cast at the casting machines.

Slag and Wastes Processing Shop

In  the Slag and Wastes Processing Shop the flaming blast furnace slag is  completely processed. Granulated slag is discharged to the cement works and, fractioned crushed stone received at the sorting and crushing plants is used for the production of construction materials.

Steelmaking facility 

Basic Oxygen Converter Shop. BOF Shop consists of three converters  160 t each, which produce  carbon and low alloyed  steel grades (including the steel for the welded pipes). All the heavy-duty steel is cast at the three continuous slab casters.

Open Hearth Furnace Shop. The Shop includes one  650 t furnace and two 900 t furnaces. The Shop specializes in production of carbon and low alloyed  steel.

Lime-Kiln Shop was commissioned in  2000, and it represents the  number of units with two shaft furnaces of"Merts" type, with the total capacity per year 373 thousand tonnes of lime.

Rolling Facility

The Rolling Mill  «3000»  uses cast slabs coming from the BOF Shop and rolled slabs from Rolling Mill  «1700» (Breakdown Department).

Rolling Mill  «1700». Rolled slabs are  the basic stock for the sheets production in the Rolling Mill «1700», which are produced in the breakdown department and cast slabs, coming from  BOF Shop.

Cold Rolling Shop – hot-rolled coils coming from Rolling Mill 1700 by transporter  are used as a feedstock.

Electric Weld Pipe Shop uses hot-rolled coils coming  from Rolling Mill 1700 as a feedstock for electric-welded pipes production.

Electric Weld Pipe Shop uses hot-rolled coils coming  from Rolling Mill 1700 as a feedstock for electric-welded pipes production.