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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works pays a special attention to the work in the field of energy saving. New energy-saving technologies are constantly introduced at the plant.

A modern power station of BOF-shop and oxygen (air-separating) unit VRU-60 are commissioned with the purpose of efficient use of energy resources.

One of the largest for the last years energy-saving projects is now underway at the plant:

“Construction of pulverized-coal preparation and injection unit (PUT) into hearth of Blast Furnaces 1..5”. PUT commissioning will allow to fully refuse from natural gas use in composition of combined blast and to reduce coke rate.

A shielding system is installed on the delay table at Rolling Mill 1700. The system allows to roll narrower strips and to save energy resources at the same time. A new reheating furnace is built at the shop under the contract with Stein Heurtey Co.

A considerable saving rate was achieved also due to execution of annual Technical-Organizational Measures Schedules aimed at reduction of electric power, fuel, heat and water consumption by the company’s departments.