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One of the main priorities of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol” is providing a reliable and accident-free operation of the technological equipment and creation of the safe working conditions in production. The Works leads a specially-oriented work on training and improving the professional level of the labor protection specialists who play an important role in occupational traumatism level minimization.

The workers of an enterprise are fully provided with modern means of individual protection, work clothes and boots.

In organization departments traditionally the Days of labor protection are carried out during which explanatory conversations with the personnel take place on the questions connected with production safety and the condition of the working places, the thematic information stands are prepared.

The Works pays special attention to the show-competitions on labor protection intended for increasing the control and clarity of the labor protection management system and contributing to the prevention of traumatism at production.

New modern safety standards are actively being introduced at the enterprise focused on risks elimination and providing the norms and regulations on labor protection at the enterprise. Thus in 2013 there was introduced the system of “5 stars”.

  • Standard on defining accident root causes. The defining of root causes is carried out within 20 days. Here a lot of factors are taken into account and even those which theoretically could cause an accident but haven’t, or could sufficiently reduce the degree of its consequences.
  • Risk evaluation with WSI (working safety investigation) method – is applied to define risks and for risk evaluation of current of planned works.
  • Execution of work safety analysis (EWSA) – is a considerably serious tool in providing personal safety to the workers.
  • Safety audits. All organization departments of the Works are involved in the conducting an audit. In test lists all possible questions are taken into account (about 25-30 items) concerning safety which must be paid attention to while preparation and carrying out any work.
  • Blocking, marking, checking (BMC). This standard provides shutdown and individual blocking of every source of energy. The principle is the following: one source of energy – one worker –one lock – one key.
  • Standard providing safety to the work carried out on work permits.
  • Evaluation and risk reduction of the production process.

Aim of the systems of “5 stars” – encouragement of positive results and prevention of negative behavior (impact) in the area of labor protection, industrial safety, environmental protection (LP, IS, EP) and fire security and also the aim of This system is to increase the workers interest in safe work, prevention of the labor protection norms and regulations violation, decrease the amount of dangerous actions and the conditions in production.

Taking into account the level of possible accidents while exploitation of the dangerous productive facilities PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol” assumes responsibility to:

  • continuously improve working conditions on working places; improve technological processes for reduction of the risks connected with them;
  • train and maintain the satisfactory level of personnel training, contractors for providing safe performance of work.
  • reduce possible negative consequences from innovations introduction, using complex planning and the labor protection procedures;
  • provide necessary level of the personnel readiness to the actions on the emergency situations localization.
  • motivate the workers to performance the work safely, labor protection;
  • inform the concerned parties about the enterprise politics; cooperate with them concerning labor protection.

The observance of the requirements of Ukraine legislative and normative acts on labor protection is the main direction of the company politics.

Following the results of the work MMKI many times has been acknowledged the best in the organization of labor protection among the enterprises of Mariupol production sphere.