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PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works” is one of the largest integrated metallurgical plants in Ukraine. The company’s products are exported to more than 80 countries of the world.

PJSC “Ilyich  Iron and Steel Works”  is a part of Metinvest Group and a sustainable high-technology company.

The company specializes in production of  sinter, lime, iron and iron products, steel ingots, cast and rolled slabs, high quality steel sheet and plate for high-duty metal constructions,  shipbuilding, oil, gas and water pipes, electrodes and flux-cored wire for modified  melts.

The iron and steel works consists of sinter plant, having 12 sinter machines; chemical metallurgical factory; blast furnace shop with five blast furnaces; limekiln department; steel making complex comprising converter (BOF)-shop and open hearth shop; rolling division comprising rolling mill shop 1700, cold rolling shop, plate rolling mill 3000; pipe electric welding shop.

Product mix diversification and product consumer properties improvement  present a constant continuous process allowing company to compete successfully at international metal products market.

The company specializes  in production of flat products of carbon, low-alloyed  and alloyed steel for  different applications: plates for  pipelines, shipbuilding, pressure  vessels,  bridge constructions,  other heavy-duty steel constructions, hot-rolled plates, sheets and strips including  pickled, cold-rolled, and galvanized thin bands, plates  and strips  for cold stamping, for floor plates production  e.t.c., as well as sinter, lime, hot metal, and pig iron products, steel ingots,   rolled and cast semi-finished products and electric weld pipes.

The company’s business  policy  is directed on production  of reliable  products for customers  which correspond to their expectations and requests.

High products quality is  verified by the certificates of conformance, received from 10 foreign certification centers  on steel products made of more than 200 steel grades as well as Ukraininan    certification centers.

The Works production capacities allow to produce about 6.0 mln. t. of steel per year, including 3.6 mln.t. of BOF steel,  12 mln.t. of sinter, 5.5 mln. t. of  iron, and more than 5 mln. t. of finished rolled products.