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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Social and economic development

PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol” has more than a century-old history. At present the main aspects of company`s activity are aimed at upgrading of the Work`s capacities, technical and building-architectural solutions, using the last science and technical achievements.

Production modernization, implementation of modern technologies and informational systems allows the industrial enterprise to continuously expand the products range, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

A strategic aim of the company is the closing of the outdated Open Hearth Shop, sinter factory, converter shop and sheet rolling mill 1700 reconstruction supplied with full metallurgical equipment with high-effective cleaning units and constructions. The reduction of adverse environmental impact is considered to be the priority direction in the development of modern industrial production.

The main part of the company`s movement to the intended target is the personnel. In terms of set aims the main company`s target is to develop professional aptitudes and initiative.

To create unique and competitive advantages our company organizes task-oriented work in the field of market characteristics and potential investigation, analysis of market shares allocation between enterprises of the branch, sales analysis, world metal market business activity trends investigation, competitors product study, price policy forecasting and study.

Plant marketing management processes are regulated by international standards and enterprise standards according to ISO 9001 quality management system, which allows for constant self-improvement.