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New service centre has been opened in Mariupol with the support of Metinvest

23 February 2018

The regional service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Donetsk region and the Center for the provision of administrative services started providing their services in Mariupol. Now citizens of Mariupol will be able to receive more than 300 administrative services at one place.

The implementation of the project worth about UAH 5.4 million was made possible due to the cooperation of the Mariupol City Council, USAID, the Metinvest Group and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Metinvest invested UAH 2.1 mln. in the Centre building repair and arrangement. Other donors financed the purchase of furniture and equipment.

The service centre operates on the principle of a "single window". Its main task is to simplify the logistics of providing quality administrative services. The Centre for the provision of administrative services provides more than 180 services. These include solving land issues, issuing ID-certificates and foreign passports, registering real estate, obtaining various permits and settling issues related to business activities, urban development and architecture.

Obtaining a driver's license, license plate, certificate of criminal record and an extract from the Unified State Register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, vehicle registration - more than 130 services can be provided by the regional service centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There also will be an examination class fro future drivers based in the Centre. The Service Centre is located in the Shopping and Leisure centre "Port City".

Donors of the project who visited the Centre on February 23, the opening day, noted that this is an example of effective cooperation between community, authorities, business and international organizations.

Director of the "Strengthening Public Confidence" Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Michael Steveiter:

It is very important for us to support local authorities for them to be able to provide quality services to the citizens. And we expect that the administrative services provided here will work efficiently. We also would like to note that USAID is only one of many partners which helped with the Centre opening. Among donors you can also see Mariupol Development Fund and big business. We are very satisfied with the project and we are going to continue our cooperation.

Vadym Boychenko, Mariupol City Mayor:

At the start of our way in 2016 we joined the open municipality program ProZorro, then we opened the first in Eastern Ukraine Centre for the provision of administrative services. To become a part of such a big governmental platform - is one thing, but another one is to be a driving force and an example. Our goal is to get back the trust of our citizens. We look at the experience of other cities and cumulate here in Mariupol the best practices. The service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, DTEK, the front office of the Ukrainian tax service, and centers for the provision of administrative services are now open in Mariupol.

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Chief Executive Officer of Metinvest Group:

Mariupol Development Fund today is a team that unites big business represented by Metinvest, many other enterprises and companies, local authorities and international donors. And together we will continue to open modern service centers for citizens, develop infrastructure, health care and education. And I am sure that in this format the development of Mariupol will only accelerate.

Head of the Main Service Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladyslav Krikliy:

We actually increase our geographical presence by working with the Centre for the provision of administrative services and by delegating them a part of our authorities. Due to this, any citizen can easily receive any public service while being in a remote place of the country. This success would not be possible without strong desire of the local authorities, support from Mariupol Development Fund, Metinvest Company and International partners - USAID. Due to this we see today a transparent office where citizens do not have to knock on the doors, because the office is arranged as an aquarium - everything is in full view, clear, easy and convenient.