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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Metinvest presents MMKI ecological modernization projects to Mariupol community

18 December 2017

On 14 December 2017, information about the progress of ecological modernization of sinter-making and basic oxygen furnace operations at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol (MMKI) was presented to independent experts, city authorities and local public organizations.

The MMKI sinter plant reconstruction includes the replacement of existing gas cleaning plants of sintering areas in sinter buildings #1 and #2 and the cooling area in sinter building #2. Sinter machines ##1-7 went through a major overhaul, where Italian Harriclone cyclones were installed to provide for the first stage dust cleaning of industrial gases. The construction of a plant for the cleaning of flue gases of sulphur compounds is in progress along with the installation of cyclones and bag filters of sinter machines ##7-9.

The replacement of old gas cleaning systems with new cyclones, the installation of bag filters and the construction of the desulfurization system allow to reduce dust emission in Mariupol by 40%. The mill is expected to reduce dust emissions by 91%, whereas the concentration of sulphur compounds in sinter gases will be reduced to 43%.

Metinvest Group will invest over UAH 2.4 billion into the reconstruction of MMKI sinter plant. The company will allocate additional over UAH 1.4 billion before 2021 for ecological programs of the enterprise.

The experts visited the construction site of Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) No.4 to see the work progress. The pre-assembly of substation steel structures and the roof is in progress along with the installation of steel structures of the modern gas cleaning plant. The concrete works, the construction of the transformer substation of the ladle furnace and the water treatment plant are also in progress. The Austrian technology allows for 98.7% cleaning of flue gases.

Following the visit to the construction site, the participants of the working group meeting discussed the fulfilment of the Mariupol Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Program and the most pressing environmental issues in the city. 

Vagan Mnatsakanian, the Director of Ecology, Energy Management, Safety and Civil Security Department of Mariupol City Council:

- The principle of openness claimed by the enterprise needs to be demonstrated regularly and not just once in a while. We need to get together once a quarter to see which projects are in what stage of their execution. This information will be made public on the website of the city council for everybody to be aware of the timing of key environmental projects delivered in the city.

Taras Shevchenko, the General Director of MMKI:

- We all pursue our common goal and that is to have good air quality in the city. The problems can be addressed in an effective manner if we work together. Public organizations help determine the priority and advisability of the activities. We get proposals, and we get comments. Such joint work will yield good results in the end.