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Metinvest opened the fifth "We Improve The City" competition in Mariupol

3 March 2016

The presentation of the social projects competition gathered over one thousand of Mariupol residents, representatives of non-government organization and local government authorities. It is the fifth year for Metinvest Group to conduct this competition. On 3 March, the local residents got familiarized themselves with the expert committee members and received detailed information about the terms and conditions of the competition.

During 5 years of the project in Mariupol over three hundred applications were reviewed. Of them 53 initiatives were recognized as best. Total prize fund exceeded UAH 3 million.

The competition has become popular among the residents of the Ukrainian Azov Sea region. The project provides an opportunity to make a personal contribution to changing the city for the better. Ideas brought to life: modern recreation areas for leisure, child educational activities, physical exercise and sports.

In 2016, "We Improve The City" competition traditionally accepts the projects involving landscaping and recreation development. The expert council also expects ideas on exposure of the residents to patriotic values, raising interest to the history and culture of Ukraine's peoples.

Mariupol residents began submitting their ideas on development of their city at the end of February to the reception of the Metinvest Green Centre that is coordinating the competition. On 10 and 15 March open training seminars on the application process will be conducted.

The project applications, consultations and documents filing are due on 25 March. Then, the expert council will identify the winners who will receive Metinvest Group's financial support – the grant amount per winning project will be up to UAH 100,000. Total grant fund in 2016 will be UAH 1.4 million.

This year a new expert council will identify the winners. It is comprised of Mr. Konstantin Voytsekhovskiy, the HR and Administrative Director of Azovstal, Mr. Mikhail Tsurkan, the HR and Social Director of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol, Mrs. Anastasiya Bogdanovich, the Community Ecologist, Dmitry Zabavin, the Member of Mariupol City Council's Executive Committee, Mrs. Tatyana Lomakina the Executive Director of Mariupol Development Fund, and representatives of Mariupol enterprises and media, youth, student and non-governmental organization.

Honoured guests, city governors and managers of the metallurgical plants spoke to the competition participants.

Vadym Boychenko, Mariupol City Mayor:

"The competition unites the citizens that really love the city and want to make it comfortable for all. We are happy that Metinvest did not stop the project even in such challenging times and continues helping the city. United we will achieve the best results, because Mariupol is our home."

Yuriy Zinchenko, general director of Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol:

"The competition is a social agent, triggers the desire to apply their talents, capabilities, be useful for their fellow residents. Mariupol demonstrate the example of mutually beneficial cooperation, partnership between the business and the community. Our main goal is to support the initiatives of real patriots of our own city. The residents invest Metinvest Group's grants into their projects, improve their streets, yards, parks, and squares. The good deed projects winning the competition produce excellent results.

Enver Tskitishvili, general director of Azovstal:

"Mariupol needs new idea and brave projects. The residents, as "We Improve The City" demonstrated are the drivers of the progress. Mariupol residents for 5 years made the city more comfortable. And now, dozens of children's playgrounds, alleys, car driveways, ethic sites and other projects make all of us really happy. We will continue developing Mariupol, the employees of the plants and Mariupol residents together."

Mariupol residents can submit their ideas on Mariupol development to the reception of Metinvest Green Centre at the address: 21-a, 24th Quarter, Mariupol. Tel: (0629) 56-37-84.

The Terms and Conditions of the Competition can be found at goo.gl/90hLPP

Watch the news about "We Improve The City" Competition at official pages of Metinvest Group in social networks.