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Metinvest launches almost 100 new products in Mariupol

18 February 2016

Metinvest Group's steel mills based in Mariupol are expanding their product lines. In 2015, the companies offered 92 new marketable goods.

Now the product range includes new slabs, rolled products, pipes, rails and shapes. Their standard sizes and metallurgical properties meet international standards. The products are sold in Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Spain, the United States, Egypt and other countries.

Ilyich Steel Plant has set up the manufacture of galvanized rolled stock of S320GD steel in line with
EN 10346, flat products of 30MnB5 boron steel in line with EN 10083-3, rolled stock of DC01 low-carbon steel in line with EN 10130 and square shaped pipes of 40*25mm. The products are used in heavy engineering, agriculture, industrial and civil engineering.

In 2015, Azovstal launched the production of KR 120 crane rails. Also, the plant performed an important order for Spain, starting to make P355NL1 flat stock of 8 to 30 mm thick in line with EN 10028-3 standard. The steel mill met the customer's needs, making the products resistant to a high physical stress at -51°С. To perform one of the most complicated orders, Azovstal manufactured bespoke flat products, meeting one-off requirements to sizes, ultrasonic control, strength grades and chemical properties for an Egyptian client.

Azovstal General Director Enver Tskitishvili:

"Just two years ago, it took three months for Azovstal to make new products, from developing technology documents to manufacturing a pilot batch. In 2015, we learnt to do it during 15 days. The ability to launch new products, improve the quality and cut production costs is the best recipe for survival amid global metals overproduction crisis."

Ilyich Iron & Steel Works General Director Yuriy Zinchenko:

"A successful business should promptly respond to the changes in the market environment. It is of particular importance amid bitter rivalry and tariff policy pressure put by national monopolies. As we have to compete constantly in the steel market, we've become more flexible and responsive. To attract customers, we apply integrated approaches to reduce production costs, expand product ranges and improve the quality."