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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Metinvest launches production of high-strength rolled products for engineering and construction applications

30 November 2015

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol launched production of a new modern product – S355M and S355MC TMCP-coils. It is the first time this material is produced in Ukraine. It will serve as a substitute for less efficient scrap metal or coils sourced from Eastern Europe or the CIS.

The metallurgical plant launched production of S355MC coils in accordance with the EN10149-2 standard in October. These rolled products are designed for use in engineering applications, for example, for manufacturing parts by cold bending and forming (i.e. wheel disks for industrial vehicles, body parts and telescoping booms for cranes). In early November, Ilyich Iron and Steel Works also streamlined the production of S355M hot-rolled coils manufactured in accordance with the EN10025-4 standard, which are used for manufacturing hollow sections, steel structures for construction and road fencing.       

While conventional steel grades or 09G2S steel are still the most commonly used in Ukraine, these new products offer benefits by reducing costs and simplifying the manufacturing process of end products.    

Through the use of S355M high-strength rolled products instead of St3 steel or identical S235JR grade European steel, processors can save up to 34% of steel, while maintaining the load-carrying capacity of structures. Heat-affected zones do not require further post-weld heat treatment – the new steel is not prone to cracking because of its high ductility. S355M rolled products perform well even at low temperatures because of this property.     

Products made with S355MC steel have the same benefits and improved cold forming properties that allow for manufacturing complex components and eliminating the risk of cracking and use of preheating. These rolled products are suitable for all modern types of cutting, including laser cutting.       

The first 150 tons of these new products were shipped to Poland and Slovakia, and orders have been already placed that will be produced in December. S355M and S355MC rolled products will also be in demand among local processors that are looking for improved efficiency and cost-cutting.

Metinvest is developing its range of products by continuously increasing the share of high value-added products. The company is developing high-strength rolled products for engineering and construction applications. New steel grades such as S420M and S420MC will soon be introduced to the market while rolled coils with S460M steel can be already ordered from the company’s entities in Europe.