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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Mariupol residents support steelworkers’ patrols

13 May 2014

Numerous patrols of steelworkers took to the streets of Mariupol to help maintain public order. In cooperation with local law enforcement, Metinvest Group employees helped stop massive looting.

The patrol initiative has received wide public support.

Nelya Tarasova has worked at Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol for half a century. She remembers that the people of Mariupol have always helped the militia and said that the idea of citizen patrols is not new, "We had citizen patrols in the past. The guys would actively join the patrols, which is why we had order in the city. In the current situation, this will certainly help. The streets will be safer. We go to bed and do not know what might happen to us. It is scary when you hear shooting out of your windows. I am sure that with the patrols everyone will be safer. I thank those who have gone to protect our peace."

"Given the latest events, the crime rate has gone up in the city. It would be good if we had more patrols like these to protect civilians," said Daniil Shmonov, a resident of Ilyichevsky district.

The young people have also supported the patrols. Victoria Danilyuk is a student of Priazovsky Technical University. The university is located in the central part of the city near the barricades, so she fears going to classes and back home.

"I think that was the right decision. I thank the steelworkers," says Danilyuk.

Retiree Nina Derenchuk is also displeased with the unrest in the city, "We are tired of this disorder! When will all this end? I really hope the patrolling will yield positive results."

People on the patrols are respected by their co-workers and most have relevant experience. However, there are some steelworkers who went patrolling for the first time in their life.

"I have not been involved in citizen patrols before, yet given the difficult situation I want to protect my city from the offenders," said Nikolay Sevastyanov, operator from the Open Heart Furnace Shop of Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol.

Andrey Versta, steelworker assistant at Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol, decided to join the patrols without a moment's hesitation, "I am ready to protect order in the city. We will go out and patrol the streets and areas to keep them peaceful."

Igor Kurganov, team leader from the Mechanical Testing Shop of Azovstal, is determined to bring order back to the city, "By making it look like political confrontations, some people are pushing our city to chaos but in reality it is pure banditry and crime. For example, they broke a window in a Privatbank branch office and took away the computers. There was nothing political about that, it was robbery. We need to fight against it somehow and prevent rampant crime. That is why we volunteered to help the people of Mariupol. Everyone knows what they are exposed to. We will certainly not do anything against the armed gangs - the militia will deal with them. Yet it is our obligation to help the militia. I have a wife and a son and I am ready to fight for their peace and safety and for the peace and safety of all other people in the city. I would not want to live in a city ruled by wolves or by a wolf pack! We need a quiet life in the city and this is what the steelworkers took to the streets for."

The joint community/law enforcement initiative for joint street patrols was also supported by the Cossack public organization of the city and by the union of peacekeeping soldiers of Mariupol.

People in Mariupol who are willing to participate in the protection of public order can, depending on the district they live in, contact:






Sergey Korobskikh

Deputy Chairperson of the Ordzhonikidzevsky District Administration



Yury Gorokh

Deputy Chairperson of the Primorsky District Administration



Yelena Shapovalova

Deputy Chairperson of the Ilyichevsky District Administration



Yevgeny Tanchak

Deputy Chairperson of the Zhovtnevy District Administration


Liliya Dolgova

Chief Specialist of the Humanitarian Department of the Zhovtnevy District Administration