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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group signed an environmental contract

20 September 2012

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group signed a contract of the feasibility study development with the company Siemens Ukraine- an affiliate of concern Siemens for the new sewage disposal plants at the industrial discharge areas №1 and 2 on the river Kalchik . Siemens is a proven partner of Ukrainian metallurgists and the company suggests a number of innovative techniques which allow to make the production of still mill products ecological and waste-free. This time the developers of world-wide reputation will present to the Works a complex solution of the industrial sewage treatment and discharge into the pools. Feasibility study investments comprised about 300 000 USA $.

“The project  implies the achievement  of key results –said Alexander Smotrov. Deputy Head of the Works on Environmental Protection. At first  its implementation  will allow  to  provide the treatment  of industrial sewage  in the  Kalchik river according to the norms of  environmental  legislation  and even below the  level permissible in Ukraine. At second the Works will be able  to reduce significantly  the  power inputs  as at the industrial  sewage  № 2 into the system of    water recycling each hour  800 m3  of treated water will be returned .

An important task is  set before us – to  make the discharged water more pure than the water taken from the  river –underlined  Sergey Matvienkov, Deputy Head  of Director General –Chief Engineer  of the Works. Further  development  of the  partnership  between Metinvest Group and  Siemens-Ukraine, I am sure  will allow us  to solve the other tasks of   environmental technogeneous  load decrease  successfully.