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Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Metinvest upgrades the agglomachine of PJSC «ILYICH IRON & STEEL WORKS»

4 April 2012

A capital repair of the fifth agglomachine at the sinter factory of PJSC «ILYICH IRON & STEEL WORKS» inside the group of Metinvest has started. The repair of the aggregate at the cost of 33, 7 million hrivnas is planned to be accomplished within 30 days.

During the works a discharging area of the machine and the conservation equipment will be capitally repaired; a replacement of a basaltic mould of a cyclone cell system as well as an ignition furnace-with a new one, with improved characteristics and also the replacement of the frame and a driving gear of an agglomachine will be made.

An aggregate for sintering breakages and concentrates of iron ores, intended for getting and cooling the ready agglomerate is being repaired by common efforts of the personnel of the shops of Ilyich plant. The overhaul life of it`s work has totaled to 10 years.

« During the repair the agglomachine №5 with rated capacity of one million tons of  agglomerate per year as well as  the fourth, ninth and the eleventh  machine that were repaired earlier will be converted to an automatic control system on the basis of  the programmed logic controllers, that will allow to improve it`s work and substantially simplify the work environment of the sinter plant workers, -underlined the Senior Deputy  of the General  Director- chief engineer  of PJSC «ILYICH IRON & STEEL WORKS» Sergei Matvienkov. He also says that the quality of works of the conservation equipment of the metallurgical aggregate will be improved.   PJSC «ILYICH IRON & STEEL WORKS» inside the group of Metinvest during the repairs of the rated capacities pays special attention to the reconstruction and the modernization of the purification plants.